Program Details

The program is 12 months in duration and places emphasis on the psychiatric evaluation, differential diagnoses, medical management with the use of psychotropic medication, fundamentals of the interpersonal process and management of psychiatric emergencies and forensic psychiatry. Areas of focus include adult and child/adolescent inpatient services, as well as outpatient case management. This offers experience in both the acute and chronic management of mental illness. This is a paid fellowship with a stipend in line with the Physician Assistant classification. A 40-hour work week is supplemented with on call experience.


Candidates must have graduated from an accredited Physician Assistant program, possess an NCCPA certification and a license to practice in Iowa. All applicants are required to interview in person and pass a background check.

Lecture Series, Policies, and Evaluations

A didactic lecture series is provided by the medical staff. The lecture series will include, but is not limited to, psychopharmacology, differential diagnoses, the psychiatric interview and child and adolescent psychiatry. The PA fellow will be evaluated on a regular basis and will be expected to achieve mastery over required material in order to achieve completion of the program. Established policies will be adhered to without exception.


A variety of economical accommodations are available on campus.


Applicants may obtain application materials for the Post-Graduate Physician Assistant Psychiatric Fellowship  by contacting us.