The Mental Health Institute in Cherokee, Iowa is home to one of the first psychiatric fellowship programs for Physician Assistants in the United States. The goal of the program is to train Physician Assistants in the field of psychiatry to extend the psychiatric care provided by psychiatrists. 

We have designed the program to provide the tools necessary for the Physician Assistant to care for mentally ill patients.   PA’s that have completed the Physician Assistant Cherokee Mental Health Fellowship program are very marketable in the field of psychiatry. The program is supervised by an MD with over forty years of experience.

The Psychiatric Fellowship is challenging me and will provide an excellent foundation for me to build upon in my chosen career in psychiatry. I have truly enjoyed my interactions here at the Cherokee Mental Health Institute and feel it has been a very growing experience.” –  Lara Kain PA-C, Psychiatric Fellow

This Fellowship introduces the PA graduate to the challenges of dealing with the mentally ill. The program will provide the experience and skill set to change lives.